Sonntag, 27. März 2011



  1. Interesting sketches, Somehow i had an impression that your more focused towards environment rather then characters. I mean i seen more environment studies and paintings then concepts of characters but i like em both, that last page looks niice! Especially the the last two heads the old man and the monster of some sort, looks good.. Do you do live sketching? I mean draw people in your sketchbook while your out in the public and not closed environment? Great update :)

  2. Hey Domas,
    Yeah - right know I'm definitely more focusing on environments. They have less facial expressions and no anatomy :P Thanks for liking them :)
    I've done a couple of characters for a game called distinctions and hope to post them soon.
    Thanks, buddy ;)
    I really would love to do it again - but business takes most of my daily time (round about 10-11 hours). I've done live sketching years ago…, but now, most of the sketches are from imagination.
    Hope to find more time to improve my anatomy and my pencil skills as well.

    Cheers, mate!

  3. :p well i say as long as you have passion for what ever you do :) If you feel that is where it's at then you should definitely focus on that. I Love both, even tho i'm focus more towards character design, but at the same time i love environments witch 6 months ago i hate them cause they seemed so hard to do, so decided to make my weaknesses my strengths. But yeah i understand you completely. When you busy working on other projects and things it's hard to do so much when a day has only 24 hours.. But i definitely think if you have a opportunity to develop more your anatomy then you should, cause i think you got ill works already from what i seen so it would be really kool to see where it takes you further. I want to master both actually, become world class one day in character and hopefully environments, it's a challenge of life - LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN :)

    and yeah would like to see the work you did for the game, anyways great to chat with ya, appreciate for being open like that.

    bless :)

  4. Hey;)
    I think this is a typical "me" - try to get good at one and than jumping to the next. But i realized that working on e.g. environments for too long makes it hard to switch back to characters. That's why i try to "jump" more in the future. Well - I think if I'll not find the time to do some live drawing sessions, I'll pick up some good anatomy books and learn from that ;)
    This also my normal "lernflow" - watching and trying ;)
    Hmm - but expect more character stuff soon :D
    Yeah - mastering both is a good approach and will make business life easier ;)

    :) Hope to be able to post them soon.

    Really like it as well buddy and I appreciate your consistent interest in my art!!

    Take care.

  5. Absolutely! I feel that if you feel that you got it easy you gotta let it go and move on towards a new challenge. I think diversity is great as long as you progressing and learning from it. Concerning your work, it's great and inspiring like i mentioned before. I'm like a sponge i'm trying to absorb everything i can and get to know kool and talented people that are in the same thing as i am it's great! And no doubt looking forward towards more characters :)